EWGA Grads to Golf® is a program designed to introduce female MBA students at colleges and universities to the game of golf.  The primary objective is to provide students with basic golf skills as well as an understanding of the value of golf in the business world.

Introducing young businesswomen to the game of golf not only gives them an advantage in their careers, it also provides the golf industry with a customer base that has a high potential for discretionary spending on golf equipment, clothing, instruction, green fees, food and beverage, golf memberships and golf travel. Getting “grads” into “golf” is a winning proposition for everyone involved.

In addition to the benefits received by the students, EWGA Grads to Golf will provide a positive and lasting impact for the participating school.  The college or university will have a unique opportunity to create a working alliance among the academic, development and athletic departments in the implementation and delivery of the program.  EWGA Grads to Golf will generate positive media exposure for the university, the business school and the women's golf program.  University alumni and friends with a passion for the school, and for golf, will become involved as donors, advocates and program "champions."

EWGA has been such an important vehicle for me to learn and play the game of Golf.  As a senior administrator at Wake Forest University, I have connected with professional women nationwide and understand the importance of initiating an EWGA Grads to Golf Program at Wake Forest so that young women in graduate school could benefit from our vast network of powerful and inspiring business women who play golf.  I have worked with an incredible team to get the program launched at Wake Forest."

Dr. Shonda Jones, Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Services, Wake Forest University School of Divinity and EWGA Board Member